Volunteering at Micah 6

One of the locations where H2O volunteers is Micah 6, a food pantry near UT campus (behind the Church of Scientology on 22nd St.) It is open every Thursday evening and Saturday morning to those who are in need. Micah 6 is a wonderful non-profit, and always runs smoothly thanks to the efforts of volunteers and with the help of kind staff. H2O volunteers with Micah 6 at least once a month, and we always have a great time!

The fine group that joined H2O to volunteer at Micah 6 early Saturday morning

Some of our volunteers putting vegetables in recycled plastic bags

Two of our co-chairs, Mozghon (left) and Cheyenne (right) with a volunteer

One of the things that we do as a way to debrief after every volunteer event, is to talk about what we learned. One of our volunteers had this to say:

“I learned that everybody needs a little help. Some people couldn’t get Stove Top because they don’t have a kitchen, while other people had cell phones, so it was very different from one person to the next.” -Jackie

For more information about Micah 6 visit their website: www.micah6austin.org/

And please come volunteer with us if you want to get involved!


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