Volunteering at Posada Esperanza!

Sorry for the late post, but better late than never, right?

Two weeks ago H2O volunteered at Casa Marianella, an emergency shelter for immigrants and refugees from all over the world. It is truly a diverse environment and you definitely get an international feel as you walk around and hear people speaking many different languages. It is a place where immigrants can get back on their feet, as Casa provides services such as showing residents how to build resumes, and provides English classes, a legal services clinic, and yoga classes!

That Saturday, H2O helped Casa by clearing out their outdoor gym and organizing and sorting through piles of donations that had been stored there for months. In the end, we accomplished making a new space for women’s and children’s donations and making the gym accessible to residents.

Here are some pictures of the hard work and fun we had:

Starting to sort through donations


Our volunteers Anthony, Guillermo and our co-chair Cheyenne having fun sorting through clothes!

Teamwork once again!

An after picture of the gym (Forgot to take the before picture..oops!)

The new, more organized space created for womens’ and childrens’ clothes as well as books.

And last but not least, a group picture! Thank you all for coming to help out! 🙂

We had lots of fun volunteering with Casa, but on a serious note we also saw how some of the residents have been mentally affected by what they have encountered in their home countries. “Almost everyone who comes to Casa bears the marks of trauma. Our residents have come to us fleeing war and domestic violence and homelessness. We have learned that the experience of being this diverse community provides a path of healing as well.”

If you’d like to learn more about Casa Marianella visit their website http://www.casamarianella.org/ and be sure to volunteer with us if you want to get involved!


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