Volunteering at Micah 6

A week after our first event of the semester, we … wait for it … had our second event!


As they do at least once every month, our wonderful volunteers walked over to the University Presbyterian Church next to campus to help out at the Micah 6 Food Pantry. The volunteers work together with the staff to run the non-profit pantry opened Thursdays and Saturdays, providing food for those who need it.

On Saturday morning, the pantry shoppers were called one by one. They walked into the pantry and saw shelves with food—boxes and cans, fresh and frozen—and the smiling faces of our volunteers who helped stock these shelves. As the shoppers made their way through the aisle, the volunteers greeted them happily and helped them with their items, even conversing with some shoppers as they went by! A few of our other volunteers helped bag their items, and one of our volunteers even got to open the back door for exiting shoppers, whose arms were filled with their bags of food.

I was stationed at the cans with Elizabeth and enjoyed assisting the Spanish-speaking shoppers. The people we served were all very kind and grateful, and we got many chances to interact with them.

For more information about Micah 6, visit their website: www.micah6austin.org/

To volunteer with us, join our mailing list or join our facebook group (see “Contact Us!”)! This weekend (9/21), we’re going to Genesis Gardens. We hope to see you soon!

Think you can write a better post? Me too! Come to our next event and talk to the publicity chair.



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