Volunteering at Genesis Gardens

Last Saturday, H2O had the opportunity to volunteer at Genesis Gardens, a subset of Mobile Loaves & Fishes, a non-profit organization that provides home grown food to the homeless community of Austin. The  organization has a great vision to cultivate an empowered community of the neighborly and the homeless, and we were able to help.

A short drive away from the mini-farm that modeled the organization’s vision, our volunteers were able to take in the sight of a working development. We divided up into small teams to help with various tasks, including laying down hay, feeding chickens, digging rows, and building. One of our volunteers even had the opportunity to harvest some of the food grown at the mini-farm.

Different from our usual experiences in pantries or shelters, the work was not easy, but it helped us see how it works at the source of what we normally do.


Guillermo, Katie, and Andrea helping to lay the muddy paths with hay


Jason and Chloe putting in manual labor to build garden rows as Katie and Andrea sprinkle hay on the pathways


Jamie helping to dig holes for posts that will line the garden bed


Shoes with mud from the rain


Focused on community, the organization invited us to have brunch with them


Traditional group photo at the mini-farm!

Not pictured are fishes, rabbits, and chickens raised organically at the farm.

Find out more about Genesis Gardens here.

To volunteer with us, join our mailing list or join our facebook group (see “Contact Us!”).



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