Second General Meeting — Street Treats at ACL: A Micro-Enterprising Opportunity for the Homeless

At this week’s general meeting (10/14), Service Coordinator Katie brought up a topic that was on our minds the past two weekends — ACL. If you went to either weekend, did you notice the silver Street Treats carts selling Blue Bell ice cream? Perhaps you noticed the familiar Mobile Loaves & Fishes (MLF) logo we saw when we went to Genesis Gardens earlier this semester? Well, this non-profit was partnering with C3 and ACL organizers to provide a micro-enterprising opportunity to the homeless. That’s right, those were homeless vendors earning their own money in a dignified manner as part of MLF’s micro-opportunity business program.

To find out more, click on these links:

As a reminder, our meetings are every other week on Monday at 6:00 PM in BUR 130. Don’t be scared to come out and listen/participate in our discussion. We also provide snacks (this time, we had delicious, organic grapes)!


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