Micah 6 Volunteering

This past Saturday (10/12), H2O volunteered at Micah 6. We introduced several new volunteers to the local food pantry right off of Guadalupe.


New volunteers filling out their first-time forms

As soon as we signed-in, we went straight to work, setting up the bagging stations and shelving all sorts of goods from cans to meats to grains to fruits and vegetables. By the time we were done, nearly barren shelves were practically bursting with items!


Krysinda waits in front of the juice and cereal shelves, which she stacked full!


Co-Chairs Lauren and Jason transfer boxes from the storage room to the pantry ‘store’


Elizabeth, Matt and Salim work together to sort strawberries

After all the shelves were full, our volunteers performed a myriad of tasks that allowed us to directly interact with the ‘shoppers.’ Several of our volunteers agreed that it was pretty cool to be able to have that interaction while volunteering.


Traditional group picture outside Micah 6

(Another cool point of our event last week — bread! Look (above) at the amount of bread we were able to bring home (and/or give to the homeless on the way back). )

Want to volunteer with us? Join our listserv by e-mailing h2outreach@gmail.com.



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