Affordable Housing Bonds Vote Passed

During our third and fourth General Meetings, one of the topics we discussed was the November 2013 elections and the Keep Austin Affordable campaign we mentioned at the beginning of the semester. Since these meetings fell right before and after the elections, we pushed this topic again, and now that the results are in, we’d like to share them with you.

With a vote of about 61% to 39%, about 14,000 marginal difference, the $65 million affordable housing bond measure was passed by voters. This measure will help build, renovate, and repair housing in the Austin area for renting or sale at lower rates to accommodate Austin’s large low-income population.

This comes a year after a similar measure was rejected by the Austin population, which many sources attribute to a lack of a serious campaign. Well, this year proved otherwise.

To read more about this issue, visit these links:

There’s still a little bit more left to do, but we’ll keep you posted. The city will ratify the results on Nov. 18.


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