3W Recap: Hope Fest, UUMC, Micah 6 Volunteering

(Oof. A general warning to procrastinators:  it’s a slippery slope.)

Greetings, readers! The following is a long post filled with a plethora of photos from the past few weeks. Specifically, we’ll be talking about HopeFest (10/26), UUMC (11/02), and Micah 6 (11/09). The details may not be all there, but hopefully a picture really is worth a thousand words. Thanks to all of those who contributed to this post and helped make this happen. And thanks to all the volunteers who have been to these events and the past two General Meetings (which will not be recapped).


First off, HopeFest. H2O volunteered at HopeFest’s Day of Celebration, hosted locally by Reagan High School. This day of celebration comes during their

annual 60 days of service (from Sept. 26 to Thanksgiving) to show their appreciation towards all those who work hard to help people in the northeast Austin area. Churches, community groups, and neighbors partner up to meet needs and empower families with resources.

Our experience at the day of celebration was fun-filled. There were a lot of people and a lot of volunteers, and while things were a little chaotic, it all worked out in the end. We were able to sort through donated items and help neighbors fill our forms. Look at the pictures below to judge for yourself how that went.

01 04 06 08 09 11

Learn more about HopeFest here:  http://www.hopefestaustin.org/

Second, UUMC. With the new month came the opportunity to have new experiences at our monthly events. On the first Saturday of November, H2O went to UUMC on campus and helped with their Brown Bag lunch program that morning.


We walked up to the church thinking that we would be inside again, but imagine our pleasant surprise when we got there and saw a few tables up and supplies ready. We made over  about 192 sandwiches that day — both peanut butter and jelly and turkey and cheese (and some plain cheese). We had a pretty productive assembly line going and finished packing the brown bags way before we were supposed to start handing them out.

02 05 (2)

Changing it up while we were outside was definitely an excitingly new experience for us, and we’d be happy to try this again next semester! The people we served were all very kind, and several of them came up to us and graciously asked for seconds, which we were able to provide while supplies lasted (sack lunches go quick!).

Third, Micah 6.  This is another monthly event we were happy to help with this semester. The shelves are never the same at this food pantry, but the people they serve are always grateful for everything from the childcare service to the free candy to the baked goods to the volunteers.


We’re always pleasantly shocked to see so many of our volunteers come to Micah 6 for the first time and happy when they feel like the interaction they got during this opportunity opened up their eyes to the people to whom we dedicate our mission. These new-to-Micah-6 volunteers were given a tour and briefing before they were able to come join us in stacking the shelves and setting up the pantry for ‘shoppers’.

01 02 03 04 05 06

The different tasks they have ready for us, from registration to childcare, to basket helpers and baggers, always include that special opportunity for interaction, and we were all eager to take it.

And that concludes our three-week recap of events.

If you haven’t noticed from the tone of finality in the post, we’re nearing the end of our semester (Congratulations, freshmen)! We have two more events — Genesis Gardens and Hands for Hope — which are wonderfully different opportunities we would like for you to attend these next two weeks. Join our mailing list and/or facebook group to find out how. 



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