2W Recap: CAFB and UUMC

Welcome back to a new semester! A new semester, a new year, new chances and new changes. We’re excited to be back and to have all of you back safe from the holidays (and those terrible road conditions those two days).


We started the semester off on 1/25 at Capital Area Food Bank on S Congress. First, we’d like to thank our drivers–Meredith, Lauren, and Jason–for providing our volunteers a ride to the location on time. Second, we’d like to thank all of our new volunteers and first-time CAFB-goers for volunteering with us. We wouldn’t have been able to sort enough food and drinks for over 5000 meals if it wasn’t for all of you! 

On 2/01, we had our second event of the semester near-campus at the University United Methodist Church. Our volunteers did a variety of jobs ranging from making three sorts of sandwiches to stuffing brown bags to passing out drinks to being hospitable and sociable among the crowd we served. We were able to make over 200 bags, and even more sandwiches.





If you would like to find out more about our organization and what you can do to be a part of our events, come to our meeting this Monday at 5 PM. We have exciting plans to include more of you into our future events!


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