About H2O

Who: Hunger and Homelessness Outreach (more popularly known as H2O) holds the distinction of being one of the only student groups at The University of Texas at Austin that tackles the issue of homelessness. H2O strives to increase awareness of the issues surrounding homelessness and hunger while inspiring UT students to serve the Austin community.  The student group meets on a bi-weekly basis and volunteers each Saturday with one non-profit.  
What: H2O has two main objectives. The first is to serve the hungry and homeless population of Austin while promoting poverty awareness. The second is to create a lifelong commitment to community service in UT students. The group goes beyond canned food drives and giving blankets to the homeless by partnering with several non-profits. The variety of experiences allows students to delve deeper into the aspects of homelessness and hunger. These experiences will hopefully translate into a commitment to serve the less fortunate. H2O also hopes to show the Austin community that UT students care about those living in their community and that the college experience goes beyond just academics.

H2O operates by having meetings, socials, and volunteer events.
We partner with the following non-profits:

If you have any questions or would like to start volunteering with us, please send us an email.