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Administrative updates of our organization, especially at the beginning of new terms … to learn more about our events, visit the calendar or get on our listserv and/or facebook group

Last General Meeting of 2013

Good day, H2O-ers! It’s been a busy, fun-filled, volunteering semester. With our last event of 2013 means our last general meeting of 2013 as well. On 12/15, Service Coordinator Katie Ray led the meeting, recapping the past two weeks, briefing us on local news, and opening the floor to members for suggestions and critiques.

Those of us who have volunteered with Genesis Gardens (twice this semester) will find the topic of this video very familiar. The Community First village planned by Mobile Loaves & Fishes hopes to cultivate a community-centric area of affordable housing for the homeless in Austin by providing different means of paying for lodging and food. As the newscaster says, this has been a controversial idea, and during the meeting Katie led us through poignant topics of discussion.

Just the video:

KVUE news article and video:–231502631.html

Based on your feedback, we hope to volunteer at Genesis Gardens this coming semester. We are now setting up event days with several of the regular non-profits as well as branching out as we have done with GG this semester. We are working on changing a few things with our organization as well to make volunteering with us more available and possible.

We thank all of those who were able to attend and help us make our organization better! Look out for our e-mail next semester about our first meeting and event!

Have a safe and cheerful holiday season.


Welcome to the 2013 Fall Semester!

UUMC Sept. 2013

I hope everyone has had an awesome summer. We are already getting going with the semester.  The students cheesing above are some of our volunteers after working a clothing pantry and cooking.

If you are a new or perspective member please poke around the website. There is an opportunities coming up to find out a little more about H2O.  Our first meeting/informational session is September 16th at 6 in BUR 130.  All of our events and meetings are listed on our Event Calendar. If you have any questions please send us an email.

Hello Everyone

We are so excited to start the new year, and with that comes this new website.  Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming meetings and events.  Feel free to peruse the site to get a feel for our organization.  This will be a great semester for volunteering!